Resource-based Tourism – Licensing of Outfitters

The Resource Tourism Operators Act requires licensing of outfitters and permitting of their facilities in order to ensure that tourism development of Manitoba’s natural areas and resources is done in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

The Branch coordinates and provides secretariat services to the Licensing Advisory Committee (LAC).  The LAC makes recommendations on the licensing of outfitters and the permitting of their facilities to the Administrator of Resource Tourism.  The Branch also administers the Resource Tourism Appeals process.

Guidebook - Licensing/Permitting Requirements for Outfitters
The guidebook sets out the conditions and requirements for licensing of outfitters and the permitting of their facilities. 

Apply for a Resource Tourism Operators Licence or to Add a Partner
Individuals wishing to offer outfitting services in Manitoba (that is, services associated with the conduct of hunting, angling and/or eco-tourism activities) must first obtain a Resource Tourism Operators Licence.  Prior approval must be obtained for the addition of a partner(s) to an existing outfitting business.

Apply for Authorization to Establish, Construct, Modify/Expand or Move Facilities and/or Services
Any accommodation facilities (i.e., structures such as lodges, outcamps, portable camps, campgrounds) or related facilities (i.e., caches, ice fishing shelters, warm-up shelters) associated with an outfitting operation must be properly authorized and permitted.  Prior approval must be obtained for any expansion, renovation, replacement or relocation of existing facilities as well as for any expansion of area of operation or services to be provided by an existing outfitting business.

Apply for Transfer of Operating Authority
Prior approval must be obtained for the sale of an existing outfitting business by submitting a transfer of operating authority request.   

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Resource Tourism Program Coordinator
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