Sustainable Development

Sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  In 1998, the Province of Manitoba established The Sustainable Development Act in order to create a framework through which sustainable development is implemented in the provincial public sector and promoted in private industry and society generally. 

Framework for Sustainable Development Implementation in Manitoba

The public sector, through its internal operations, has an integral role in promoting and implementing sustainable development in society.  In support of this goal, the government is committed to promoting and incorporating Manitoba’s Principles and Guidelines of Sustainable Development into all facets of activity.

The Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development was established to promote sustainable development in Manitoba and provide advice and recommendations to government.

A Sustainable Development Strategy (2000) was established for Manitoba to establish goals, a framework for sustainable development policy and to guide preparation of specific policy component strategies.

To monitor and report on sustainability issues and trends in Manitoba, a Provincial Sustainability Report for Manitoba based on sustainability indicators is prepared following the release of national census data.

Manitoba’s Sustainable Development Code of Practice was established to assist the integration of sustainable development into decisions, actions and operations of provincial public sector organizations.

Manitoba’s Financial Management Guidelines  was established to evaluate the sustainability of spending decisions on activities and programs.

Manitoba’s Sustainable Development Procurement Guidelines was established to ensure all goods, materials and services are consistent with the principles and guidelines of sustainable development.

Manitoba Crown Corporations ( are required to establish and adopt a corporate sustainable development code of practice and adopt financial management and procurement guidelines.

Sustainability Guidelines for Local Authorities, School Divisions, Universities, Colleges and Regional Health Authorities Regulation requires local authorities to integrate financial management and procurement guidelines into their manuals and procedures.

The Sustainable Development Innovations Fund was established to provide support to innovative projects, research and developments that further sustainable development in Manitoba.

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