Manitoba Fisheries

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As technology advances and increases to entertain us in new ways and as we become more urbanized as a society, we forget that our nation's cultural identity stems in part from resource-based industries and activities. We must remember that many different people rely on Manitoba's waterways and habitat for many different things. These include food, income, recreation, health, environmental indicators, hydro power and irrigation, to name a few.

The environment can supply only so many fish. We must therefore learn to share the fish and fish habitat with all the people who use them. By doing so, we will ensure that future generations have the same opportunities we enjoy today.

The challenge for Fisheries Managers in the future is to balance both the economic and social needs of the different resource users while ensuring adequate resources are available for future generations. By consulting with the users and maintaining biological databases, managers can make more informed decisions regarding the status and use of the resource. These processes help define what sustainable development is and ensures that all users of the resource are included in the decision making process.

For more information about Manitoba Fisheries, please contact:

Fisheries Branch
200 Saulteaux Crescent
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3W3