The Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board

In February of 2007, the Government of Manitoba announced the formation of the Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board. The Board was initially provided a 3-year term, which was subsequently extended for one additional year to February 2011.  Formation of this Board was a recommendation in 2003 of the Lake Manitoba Regulation Review Advisory Committee. The Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board was formed to provide advice to government regarding local issues and the enhancement of the long term health of the Lake Manitoba watershed including Lake St. Martin, Pineimuta Lake, Fairford River, and the Dauphin River to the mouth of Lake Winnipeg.

Board members were as follows:

Board Member


Relation to the Lake

Gordon Goldsborough (Chair)


University professor & water scientist

Bill Finney (Vice-Chair)


Cattle producer & commercial fisher

Dan Coyle


Cottage owner

Tracy Filion


Farmer & commercial fisher

Harold Fleming

Meadow Portage

Farmer & commercial fisher

Allan Gaudry

St. Laurent

Commercial fisher

Randy Helgason


Commercial fisher

Bob Harrison


Hydrologist (Manitoba Water Stewardship)

David Milani

Boggy Creek

Fisheries consultant

Gary Morlock


Sport hunter and fisher

Linda Schroedter


Cattle producer

Donald Smith


Farmer & commercial fisher

Norman Traverse

Lake St. Martin

First Nations & commercial fisher

Rae Trimble-Olson

Portage la Prairie

Farmer & cottage user

Information on and publications by the Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board:

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Storyboards with information presented at the Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board public meetings
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2007/2008 Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board Annual Report
2008/2009 Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board Annual Report

Should you require further information, please contact:

Water Stewardship Division
Water Quality Management Section 
123 Main Street, Suite 160
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1A5

Telephone:  945-0002
Fax:  948-2357
Toll Free:  1-800-282-8069 (ext. 0002)