Wells / Groundwater

Click here for information on Manitoba's new Groundwater and Water Well Act and its supporting regulations.


The Groundwater Management Program provides monitoring and groundwater data compilation for the Province. The Section advises on groundwater resource management and protection and carries out studies, which enhance knowledge of groundwater resources in the province. Provides maps and reports, which describe local and regional resources and quality and identifies areas where quality problems may/may not occur.


Clients of this program include consultants, developers, farmers, acreage owners, well drillers, provincial and federal government departments and citizens, data bank users, staff geologists, engineering staff, resource officials, and other public servants. Clients needs include basic groundwater information and/or evaluations and advice.


To monitor, evaluate and manage groundwater resources to ensure sustainable development, allocation and protection.

Program Administration:
  • To apply for a well drillers licence contact the Groundwater Section Well Drilling Liaison Officer: Richard Tattersall, 1-204-794-7723, alternatively you can e-mail groundwater@gov.mb.ca.

Monitoring and Assessment:

  • Aquifer monitoring, data collection, data storage and reporting
  • Regional aquifer characteristics and definition
  • Aquifer capacity assessment
  • Aquifer quality assessment

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