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SD Agreements

The Manitoba Government has passed legislation that offers landowners and SD groups a new way to voluntarily protect natural areas on private land: the SD Agreements Act.

A SD agreement is an interest in the land and runs with the land by way of a caveat filed against the certificate of title of the land.

The intent of the Act is to provide a mechanism that allows landowners and SD agencies to enter into agreements for the protection and enhancement of natural ecosystems, fish and wildlife habitat, and plant or animal species, while enabling the continued use and development of the land by the landowner. This Act is binding on the Crown.

A SD Agreements Board is established under the provisions of the Act consisting of persons appointed by the minister, including at least one representative from a SD agency, the government of Manitoba, a municipality or local government district representative (this representative must be approved by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities), and an agricultural producers' organization. The functions of the board are to provide a forum for discussion for interested parties regarding SD agreements, assist interested parties who apply to the Board to consider the implications of a SD agreement, assist in the resolution of disputes between interested parties regarding SD agreements, and fulfil functions prescribed by regulation.

For more information, contact a member of the Manitoba SD Agreements Working Group:

Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation
200 - 1555 St. James Street
Winnipeg MB R3H 1B5

545 SD Drive
Brandon, MB R7A 7L8

Ducks Unlimited Canada
467-3274 (Winnipeg); 729-3501 (Brandon) or

Nature Conservancy of Canada
942-6156 (Winnipeg)

Delta Waterfowl Foundation
239-1900 (Portage la Prairie)

Association of Manitoba Municipalities
857-8666 (Portage la Prairie)