Non-resident Hunting in Manitoba

Manitoba has many hunting opportunities for non-resident hunters. Non-resident hunters are defined as follows:

  • A non-resident is a person who is a Canadian citizen, but is not a Manitoba resident.
  • A foreign resident is a person who is neither a Canadian citizen nor a resident of Manitoba.

To hunt big game (deer, moose, black bear, and caribou) in Manitoba, all foreign resident hunters must book their hunt through a licensed lodge or outfitter, authorized to outfit foreign resident hunters. It is also mandatory for all foreign resident hunters to be accompanied by a licensed Manitoba guide, with no more than three hunters per guide. Non-resident hunters must only use the services of the outfitter specified on their hunting licence.

During the wolf season, non-resident and foreign resident may hunt gray wolves only if they possess an unused deer, moose, black bear or caribou game tag (personal or party), which is valid for that area, species and time period. Foreign resident gray wolf hunters must be accompanied by a licensed Manitoba guide.

All non-resident and foreign resident game bird hunters (migratory and upland game birds) do not require the services of a guide. Foreign residents, wanting to bring their dogs into Canada, should contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for information on permits.

Non-resident and foreign resident youth hunters are not eligible for any of the resident youth hunting opportunities. All non-resident youth must purchase the appropriate big game or game bird hunting licence if they plan to hunt in Manitoba.

When bringing firearms into Canada, foreign resident hunters are advised to contact the Canadian Firearms Centre for information on permits, possession, storage and transportation. Also, it is recommended foreign resident hunters contact Canada Border Services Agency when crossing the border from United States into Manitoba.

Non-residents shipping or transporting big game or ame birds out of the province or the country may be required to meet certain conditions and/or obtain relevant permits.

Hunters may purchase licences by mail.

Be sure to review the appropriate section in the hunting regulations guide for more information on the species you wish to hunt. Copies of this guide are available at any Manitoba Sustainable Development office and at hunting licence vendors.