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Gray (Timber) Wolf Fact Sheet

Provincial Range MapWolves are primarily restricted to boreal forests and tundra. In agro-Manitoba, segregated populations are found in islands of habitat including Riding Mountain National Park, Duck Mountain Provincial Forest, and reportedly in the Spruce Woods Provincial Park/Shilo Military Base Forest. Wolves also commonly occur in agricultural fringe areas bordering Sandilands and Agassiz Provincial Forests, the Interlake, and Westlake areas.

Manitoba's wolf population numbers approximately 4,000 and appears to be stable. An exception is the Riding Mountain population which decreased from historical levels during the 1990's. In response to this decline, wolf hunting has been curtailed around the Riding Mountain. There is strong public support for protecting this population which is quite isolated and may be genetically unique.

In areas where wolf populations are stable, Manitoba Conservation permits trappers and hunters to harvest wolves, particularly where increased harvest may reduce conflict between wolves and agricultural interests. Generally, Manitoba Conservation adheres to a policy of non-intervention in the vast majority of the gray wolf's range in boreal forest and tundra areas. However, where wolves encroach on agricultural areas and prey on domestic livestock, or where wolves venture into northern communities, control measures targeted at offending animals are implemented. In all areas, wolf population levels remain adequate to support the value of wolves for educational and viewing purposes.

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