Orphaned and Injured Wildlife

Wildlife encounters may take many forms. Sometimes, wildlife may seem to need our help.

Injured animals are stressed and may react aggressively. These situations can be dangerous. When you encounter injured wildlife, remember these points:

  • Do not attempt to approach or capture the wildlife.
  • Note the exact location of where the animal can be found and the animal’s physical condition, if possible.
  • For your own safety, leave the area immediately. When animals are hurt, they are more likely to bite, scratch, etc., which could put you at risk for contracting diseases from them.
  • Contact the TipLine at 1(800)782-0076 or the nearest Manitoba Sustainable Development District office with this information. The Natural Resource Officer will then determine the best course of action for the situation.
  • Survival rates for rescued wildlife are not great. Don't be surprised if the animal dies on its own or has to be euthanised.
  • No, you can't keep it. Injured animals require a high degree of specialized care and, even if they survive, they rarely become the tame pets we wish to keep in our homes.
  • It is illegal in Manitoba to rehabilitate wildlife without the proper permits

If you suspect an animal is orphaned rather than injured, do not disturb them. Seeing a young animal on its own does not necessarily mean it’s an orphan.