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Wildlife Branch


Wildlife Laws You Should Know

It is illegal in Manitoba to posses most species of native wildlife without the required provincial permits. You can be fined and the wildlife will be taken away. Never consider keeping the animal yourself. Young wild animals need exhaustive care, special nutrition and handling. Also, there are many serious health risks associated with handling and living in close proximity with wild animals, including distemper, rabies, parasites and mange. Raccoon roundworm, for example, can cause blindness and on rare occasions may even cause death if contracted by people, especially children who have a tendency to put dirt or dirty hands into their mouths.

In addition, human-raised and hand-fed wildlife can rarely be returned to the wild because they have been habituated to people and they lack natural survival skills. Licensed wildlife rehabilitators are trained to use methods that will give a wild animal the best chance of surviving upon release.

Wildlife is best left alone. However, there maybe some instances where wildlife do require help. Should this happen, contact: