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Living with Wildlife in Manitoba

Camping in Bear Country

Manitoba offers many recreational opportunities in parks and wilderness areas. Whether you are planning to spend your time at a campground or if you prefer to go hiking or backwood camping, expect to be sharing this natural area with black bear and other wildlife. Although bears are naturally wary of humans, they are unpredictable. Understanding bear behaviour and recognizing bear signs are important when hiking or camping in bear country. By following these simple rules, you will greatly minimize the possibility of negative encounters with bears.

Store all food and food-related items in a hard-sided vehicle/trailer/motor home (not in a tent or tent-trailer) when not in use, at night while you are sleeping or when your site is unattended for any length of time.

A safe campsiteNever leave any of these items unattended:

  • Coolers
  • Food - open/closed
  • Garbage/wrappings
  • Dishes/pots
  • Pet food/bowls
  • Bottles/cans
  • Items associated with food preparation

An unsafe campsiteWildlife can be drawn to your camping/picnic site by odour or visual attractants. Once an animal gets used to human food, it becomes a risk to public safety and may have to be destroyed. Please report all bear sightings to park staff immediately.

This information can be downloaded for printing. Print a Be Bear Smart Camping flyer PDF Document to take with you on your next hiking or camping trip.