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Living with Wildlife in Manitoba

Wildlife and Vehicles

Frequent Deer Crossing signageManitoba drivers report approximately 10,000* wildlife-vehicle collisions each year. Of these, 65 to 80 percent involve deer. This represents 6,500 to 8,000 deer. Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) estimates that wildlife-vehicle collisions cost Manitobans approximately $27 million annually. In the City of Winnipeg alone, over 300 per year are confirmed as deer-vehicle collisions.

Some areas inside the City of Winnipeg are at higher risk for deer-vehicle collisions than other areas, although deer can make their way to any part of the city.

Winnipeg's high risk areas Winnipeg (PDF map) are as follows:

  • Wilkes Avenue from Perimeter West to Shaftesbury Boulevard
  • All of Roblin Boulevard, and Corydon Avenue facing the Zoo and Assiniboine Park
  • Shaftesbury Boulevard from Grant Avenue to Sterling Lyon Parkway
  • Grant Avenue from Roblin Road to Shaftesbury Boulevard
  • Sturgeon Road between Saskatchewan and Murray Park
  • McGillivray Boulevard between Kenaston and McCreary Road (and all of McCreary Road)
  • Kenaston Boulevard between Sterling Lyon Parkway and Bishop Grandin
  • Waverley from McGillivray Boulevard to Perimeter South
  • St.Mary's Road from Bishop Grandin Boulevard to Perimeter South
  • McPhillips Street from Leila Avenue to Perimeter North

Frequent Deer Crossing signage

MPI has also compiled a list of locations in rural Manitoba (or PDF Map) noted as high risk for deer-vehicle collisions.

To avoid collisions, drive with caution, reduce your speed, and be on alert for wildlife that may be feeding beside, or attempting to cross, the road, especially at night.

If you see an animal that has been injured or died on or near a roadway, contact the proper authority or agency.


Numbers provided by Manitoba Public Insurance.