Hunter Questionnaires

To evaluate hunter effort and success, the Wildlife and Fisheries Branch requests that resident hunters complete a short questionnaire. Even if you did not hunt or harvest an animal, please complete a questionnaire for each licence you purchased. It is equally important to know how many hunters did not harvest an animal(s) as it is to know how many did. Data from questionnaires are used to evaluate and set hunting seasons, build management plans and assist biologists in assuring sustainable harvests. Your response is strictly confidential.

Please submit one (and only one) questionnaire for each licence. If you have already completed your hunter survey for a specific 2017/18 licence and returned it via mail, please do not submit a questionnaire for this licence online. Please note that all big game hunters awarded draw licences will receive a separate questionnaire to be returned via mail.

Please select the questionnaire(s) that corresponds with the resident hunting licence(s) you purchased.

Big Game

Moose Licences
Hunters who purchased an Archery, General or Conservation Moose Licence will be sent a questionnaire in the mail in March 2018. We request that these questionnaires be returned via mail. No online questionnaire for moose hunters will be available.

Wildlife and Fisheries Branch thanks you for your assistance.