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Essential Skills at Adult Learning and Literacy: Update

Staff at Adult Learning and Literacy (ALL) - Manitoba Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade - are working hard to increase awareness and deployment of Essential Skills development throughout their program areas of literacy and Mature Student Diplomas. Many of the programs’ clients are employed or seeking employment, and Essential Skills knowledge and training is directly relevant to workplace needs. more..>

Did You Know:

Even if you have a good memory, you will forget at least 1/4 of what you have learned on the day you have learned it.

You will remember:

  • 10% of what you read
  • 20% of what you hear
  • 30% of what you see
  • 50% of what you see and hear
  • 70% of what you say
  • 90% of what you say and do
  • 95% of what you teach others

If you don’t do something active with new information to move it from short-term to long-term memory, you’ll forget it faster than last night’s casserole. more..>

“What’s New on the Federal Front”

The Essential Skills (ES) team of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has many new activities underway. This year, the activities focus more on integrating Essential Skills in the workplace. Increasing uptake with workplace stakeholders and helping them to see the benefits of Essential Skills training is a key challenge. Guiding this work is the Essential Skills vision and four strategic objectives. more..>

Perspectives: A Learner

When Loewen, a manufacturer of windows and doors, recently introduced Demand Flow Manufacturing (DFM) into its Manitoba plant, the intent was to improve workflow understanding, efficiency and safety. more..>

Tooling Up for the Trades

As part of its Essential Skills strategy "Tooling Up for the Trades", the Apprenticeship Branch has created Fact Sheets to give learners, adult educators and career counselors an overview of the Essential Skills needed for trades-related work and technical training. The Fact Sheets are simplified versions of the HRSDC profiles, and form the basis of the Apprenticeship Branch's diagnostic assessment packages. more..>

Essential Skills Fact Sheet Electrician

Money Math: Teaching How to Make Change
by Shirlea Smith (shismith@gov.mb.ca)

In today’s electronic world, computerized cash registers often calculate and even return the exact change. People seldom have to make change; in fact they rarely even see ‘making change’ modeled as they pay for their own purchases. As a result, many people feel a lack of confidence in their ability to give back correct change and to know if they’ve been given correct change. more..>

The Facilitator Guide: A New Professional Development Tool

The Facilitator Guide is a new and comprehensive tool developed to provide information and teaching ideas and resources for integrating information from the Essential Skills Profiles - developed by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) - with the Manitoba Stages of Literacy and Learning Certificate curriculum framework. In addition to the printed guide, an accompanying interactive DVD and mini Guide provide additional support for the professional development of practitioners, facilitators and instructors.

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