Watchable Wildlife Manitoba

From Arctic tundra to the boreal forest, aspen-oak parkland and prairie grasslands, Manitoba’s diverse landscape supports some amazing wildlife. Where else can you see the largest carnivore on land, the fastest bird in the sky, and the largest congregation of snakes in the world?

Are you interested in doing some wildlife watching? The secret to success is knowing where and when to look! The Watchable Wildlife Manitoba website provides the information you need to explore some of our best wildlife viewing locations.

  • yellow sand and trees in front of blue sky
  • Canada Geese
  • a group of people looking at wildflowers on the tundra in northern Manitoba
  • prairie grass landscape
  • a polar bear
  • a peregrine falcon
  • large tangle of snakes near rocks
  • green, yellow, and red northern lights in the sky
  • trees and marsh in fog

Watchable Wildlife Binoculars

Binoculars are the international symbol for Watchable Wildlife sites. The organization promotes wildlife viewing as a recreational activity. Find out more at Watchable Wildlife Incorporated.