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Winnipeg Region

Winnipeg is the capital of the province and the largest city. It is found at the crossroads of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. With two major rivers and many smaller ones, there is plenty of riverbottom forest and all its wildlife to watch. You will want to visit Fort Whyte Alive, Assiniboine Forest and Park, and Living Prairie Museum to start. From there expand to the many parks along our rivers. There are so many other sites to see you can spend a week here easily. Start at The Forks where the Red and Assiniboine meet. You will also find a Travel Manitoba Centre there to help you plan your visits to the regions.

Map of Winnipeg region Assiniboine Forest and Park Fort Whyte Centre Living Prairie Museum

For more information on the Winnipeg Region visit the Winnipeg Tourism website.

Featured Wildlife Viewing Sites:

*Map courtesy of Travel Manitoba