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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle
Photo by Robert R. Taylor
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The mature Bald Eagle is unmistakable with its dark brown body and white head and tail. The young, up to age four, are not as easily identified because their head and tail have not yet turned the distinctive white.

Look for the Bald Eagle near water bodies. You can often see them perched at the top of a tree overlooking a lake or river. It prefers fish but will eat birds, mammals and carrion.

The Bald Eagle returns to Manitoba in April, migrating along large river valleys such as the Red or Pembina rivers. They nest in forest regions, building huge stick nests. Fall migration begins in October when the lakes begin to freeze.

You have an excellent opportunity to see the Bald Eagle at Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park, Grand Beach and Whiteshell Provincial Park, as well as Riding Mountain National Park. A fall Eagle Fest is held at Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park every year in October.