Habitat / Fish Culture

Manitoba's 100,000 lakes cover approximately 17% or 101,600 km2 of its surface area. In addition, rivers, streams and marshes are home to important fish habitat. Healthy fish habitat provides sustainable benefits to sport, commercial and domestic users throughout the province.

Over the past decade, mechanisms and processes have been put into place to prevent further loss of healthy fish habitat. In addition, Manitoba is focusing on enhancing and/or rehabilitating areas with lost or degraded habitat.

In March 2014, the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund (FWEF) was created to support fish and wildlife enhancement initiatives and government fish hatcheries. Angling licence fees were increased to support the FWEF. Ten (10) dollars from every angling licence sold is dedicated to the Fish Enhancement Fund. Under this fund, revenue generated from angling licence sales is used to fund projects under the following categories: Fisheries Development, Fish Habitat Rehabilitation/Enhancement, Fish Habitat Protection through Property Acquisition, Fish Stock Assessment/Monitoring, Fisheries Research, Fisheries Education, Fisheries Outreach/Stewardship and Fisheries Compensation. Please click on the following links for more information on the FWEF.

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