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Sustainable Development

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The Manitoba Water Strategy


Manitoba's Vision

The best water for all life and lasting prosperity.

Manitoba's Mission

| Sustainable Development | provides leadership in environmental stewardship for the benefit of current and future generations of Manitobans so the social, economic and inherent environmental value of water is protected and realized. Manitoba's water and fish resources are managed sustainably and people are safe from water hazards.

The Manitoba Water Strategy

Read the complete Manitoba Water Strategy.

The Manitoba government is working towards a more holistic and integrated water strategy to guide our actions into the future. To manage sustainably, we must become true stewards of the resource by considering all of the important components within a watershed.

The goal of Manitoba’s water strategy is to develop watershed based planning across the entire province to ensure that future management of specific water issues is done carefully. A sustainable approach will ensure that all our needs are met, while maintaining ecosystem protection. Sustainability is the key to successful water management.

The three elements of the implementation framework - new legislation, improved financial foundations and management on a watershed basis - are crucial to the Manitoba Water Strategy process. This is the means to co-ordinate diverse actions into a broad, coherent and integrated strategy for the future. The development of this framework will be a participatory process that considers present and future anticipated demands on our water, within a sustainable vision.

Water management in Manitoba is a big job. All Manitobans rely on water for their own personal use, but many must also rely on water, directly or indirectly, to provide an income for themselves and their families. Water is critical to ecosystem viability and this must be maintained. For Manitoba’s Water Strategy to be successful we must develop effective, long-lasting partnerships among all Manitobans to secure safe, clean water supplies for our future.

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