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Understanding Compulsory Trades

Trades are classified as either compulsory or voluntary. When a trade is deemed compulsory it requires you to be registered as an apprentice OR you must already be a certified journeyperson in order to work in the trade in Manitoba.

In Manitoba, certified journeyperson means a person who holds a Certificate of Qualification issued by Apprenticeship Manitoba or a Certificate of Qualification recognized under the Agreement of Internal Trade. Registered apprentice means a person who has signed a formal apprenticeship training agreement with his or her employer, and has registered that agreement with Apprenticeship Manitoba.

Compulsory Trades in Manitoba

Trade Name Apprenticeship Manitoba Requirements

Construction Electrician
Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator
Industrial Electrician
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Sprinkler System Installer

Registered Apprenticeship Agreement
OR Certificate of Qualification


Registered Apprenticeship Agreement
OR Certificate of Qualification


Authorization to Practise OR
Temporary Authorization to Practise


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Authorization to Practise

If you are in the trades of Hairstylist, Electrologist and Esthetician, Apprenticeship Manitoba issues an Authorization to Practise with your Certificate of Qualification. The Authorization to Practise must be renewed every two years and must be available upon request at the work site. A person cannot legally work in the Hairstylist, Electrologist or Esthetician trades without a valid Authorization to Practise.

Apply for your Authorization to Practise.

Temporary Authorization to Practise

You may not yet be eligible for an Authorization to Practise in the trades of Hairstylist, Electrologist and Esthetician. There are some circumstances where you can apply for a Temporary Authorization to Practise so that you can work in the trade. Such circumstances include the following:

    • You have been approved to take a prescribed examination; or
    • You have been approved to proceed through the Trades Qualification process; or
    • You are applying to re-instate your Authorization to Practise and you are undertaking upgrading as required by the Executive Director of Apprenticeship Manitoba

Apply for your Temporary Authorization to Practise.

Requesting Compulsory Certification

The requirement of compulsory certification in a trade is based on a request from industry. A request for compulsory certification must be made in writing to the Minister of Education and Training.

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