Workforce Development

Employers and Business

Training and Employment Services (formerly known as Employment Manitoba) delivers employment services to individual employers and through partnerships with community, industry and employer groups.

Helping Employers to Advertise Job Openings

The Job Bank is an electronic listing of jobs that provide free, convenient, secure job vacancy advertising on the Internet. The Job Match feature can match your job requirements to the profiles listed by job seekers. Bilingual Service is available.
You can post job openings yourself at or contact the Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre nearest you.
More information on Job Bank for Employers:  Job Bank for Employers: A fast and effective way to advertise your job openings.

Partnering with Employers

Training and Employment Services addresses current and future labour market needs. We co-ordinate, administer and assist in a range of activities that:
  • support the development of industry-specific training
  • help ensure the availability of a skilled workforce
  • assist workers who are about to lose their jobs
  • support the development of industry-wide strategic training plans
  • provide labour market information
  • help communities to address their specific skills shortages
Get involved with your local industry group or community organization and develop a partnership with Training and Employment Services to address labour market needs.

Programs for Partnering with Employers

Overview of our programs:  Delivering Services Through Partnerships
Employment Assistance Services contracts with a variety of organizations to deliver a combination of the following services: employment plan development; case management; assessment and employment counselling; self-service labour market information; job search assistance; job referral and placement; and diagnostic and testing services.
Employment Partnerships provides funding that assists communities, sector associations and employers to address labour force development needs while assisting eligible unemployed and “job- loss threatened” individuals to gain sustainable employment. Program activities may include pre-employment preparation, job-specific skills training, and on-site (hands-on) training.
 Labour Market Partnerships provides private, public and community sector organizations with financial support to undertake activities that address labour market development, labour force development and workforce adjustment issues.
Research and Innovation provides financial support to organizations who research and/or design practical projects that identify innovative ways of helping individuals prepare for, find, return to, or maintain sustainable employment and/or strengthen and promote province-wide or regional labour force development.
 Self Employment Program contracts with local service providers to assist eligible individuals to create jobs for themselves by starting a business.
Contact the Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre nearest you for assistance to identify eligible candidates.
Consider potential employees who approach you with a letter from Training and Employment Services including eligibility.