Sexual Health Information

Sexual Health InformationWe often focus on the importance of physical health but forget that sexual health is just as important!

Our sexuality is impacted by many things including our biology, relationships, sexual experiences, sexual orientation, gender identity, culture, social norms, attitudes and communication. Being sexually healthy means knowing your reproductive and sexual health rights, being comfortable with your body and your sexuality, and having the ability to control and positively experience your own sexuality. It also means being free from infection or disease, violence, injury and fear as well as being informed and making decisions based on facts rather than myths. 

The links below provide you with information and resources that can help you make informed decisions about your sexual health.

Manitoba sites

Canadian sites


Growing Up Ok! 4 Girls Only

For information on testing, staying safe or other advice call:

Sexual Health Information Line
Nine Circles Community Health Centre
Winnipeg (204) 945-2437
Outside Winnipeg 1 (800) 782-2437


Or contact your local public health office.