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Water Safety

Why is Water Safety Important?

  • Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death for Canadian children.
  • We have a lot of water!  Not only is Manitoba is known as the “Land of 100,000 Lakes” we also have tons of rivers, creeks, ponds and swimming pools.  All of us need to know how to behave in and around the water.
  • As babies can drown in as little as 2.5 cm (one inch) of water, we also need to be aware of water safety in and around our homes.
Drowning prevention is a priority in our province. Together with our partners, the Government of Manitoba is working towards reducing the incidence of death by drowning by promoting water safety and drowning prevention strategies. 

Manitoba Water Safety and Drowning Prevention StrategyIn February 2015, the Manitoba Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Strategy PDF Document was renewed and updated for an additional five years. This strategy was created at the same time Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors renewed the provincial injury prevention strategy. Under this overarching strategy, the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters has agreed to lead the development and implementation of a plan addressing water safety and drowning prevention in Manitoba.

Key goals of the Manitoba Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Strategy include:

  1. Providing leadership to coordinate stakeholder efforts to promote of water safety and drowning prevention.
  2. Ensuring policy makers, program planners, program delivery personnel and the public will have timely access to evidence-based information.
  3. Providing Manitobans reasonable access to effective water safety and drowning prevention programs by working with stakeholders and co-ordinated campaigns and initiatives.
  4. Creating a sustainable strategy.

Water Safety Links

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