Applications and Forms

Filing a claim:

Employees who believe their employers did not pay them correctly, can file a claim with the Employment Standards Branch within six months of the last day of work or when the incident happened.

Claim Form

Young Employees:

Children under the age of 16 must, by law, have a child employment permit before they start working.  Employees under 18 years old cannot work in certain industries.

** Employment Standards requests that information be typed where possible. Forms can then be submitted by fax, mail, email or in person.**

Child Employment Permit Application

Child Performers:

A child performer is a child under the age of 17 who performs as an actor, extra, musician, singer, dancer, entertainer, or model.

Child Talent Agency/Child Performer Recruitment Licence

Child Talent Agency/Child Performer Recruitment Licence RENEWAL

Child Performer Permit

Temporary Foreign Workers (WRAPA):

Those applying for an Employer Registration Application are encouraged to complete the form electronically, save a copy on your computer and submit the application via email to

Employer Registration Application 
Temporary Foreign Worker Reporting Form
Foreign Worker Recruitment Licence
Foreign Worker Recruitment Licence RENEWAL


Employment Agency Business/Temporary Help Agency:

Employment Agency Business/Temporary Help Agency Licence

Permit and Order Applications:

Averaging Permit

Employee Survey

Break Order

Day of Rest Order


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