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Government of Manitoba
Manitoba Laws Copyright and Disclaimer Notification

Manitoba Laws Copyright Notification

Copyright on the electronic version of Manitoba laws belongs to the Province of Manitoba. You may, without charge and without requesting permission, make copies of all or part of any Act or regulation for study or research, or for use in legal proceedings or for providing legal advice. You must not make copies for any other purpose without first obtaining the written consent of Queen's Printer. Any copy you make must not be represented as an official version.

Manitoba Laws Disclaimer Notification

The online version of the laws of Manitoba is not official and has been generated for convenience only. The Province of Manitoba accepts no responsibility for this version's accuracy or completeness. If accuracy or completeness is important, consult the official version: For statutes, consult the annual volumes of Statutes of Manitoba published by the Queen's Printer. For regulations, consult Part II of the Manitoba Gazette.

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