Sustainable Development

Aquatic Invasive Species

Legislation and Regulations

Import Prohibitions for Aquatic Invasive Species
Canadian Border Services Agency released Memorandum D19-8-5 (ISSN2369-2391) on March 23, 2016. This document advises importers, travelers, custom brokers, and service providers of the import prohibitions and requirements under the Aquatic Invasive Species Regulation, (SOR/2015-121), in effect since May 29, 2015.

Federal Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations
The Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations under the federal Fisheries Act provide regulatory tools to prevent new introductions and manage spread of aquatic invasive species.

For more information on the Aquatic Invasive Species Regulation under the Federal Fisheries Act visit:

Provincial Aquatic Invasive Species Legislation
Manitoba government aquatic invasive species legislation under The Water Protection Act came into force in November 2015.

Under this legislation, float planes and other water-related craft are considered conveyances similar to watercraft or off-road vehicles. The legislation includes general instructions (clean, drain, dry and dispose) and specific, stricter provisions, in place to prevent the introduction and spread of AIS in Manitoba by watercraft, ORVs and water-related aircraft such as float planes and water bombers.

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