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The Farm Management section includes valuable tools and resources to assist you in making sound agribusiness decisions.

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  • Standing Greenfeed Decision Calculator (OnlineExcel)
  • Standing Corn Decision Calculator (OnlineExcel)
  • Hay Storage Cost Planner (Excel)
  • Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide Calculator (OnlineExcel or PDF)
  • Grain Bin and Farm Building Rental Cost Planner (OnlineExcel)
  • Straw Cost Calculator (Online, Excel)
  • FeedPlan Feed Ingredient Cost Calculator (OnlineExcel)
  • Forage Purchase Decision Calculator (Excel)
  • Forage Price Moisture Conversion Calculator (OnlineExcel)
  • Forage Yield Moisture Conversion Calculator (OnlineExcel)

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November 18, 2022 Final application deadline for 
Ag Action Manitoba Program for Farmers Training and Consulting
November 22-24, 2022 Agricultural Excellence Conference Canmore, Alberta 

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