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This is your gateway for organization development, board governance information and resources and training opportunities for organizations involved in the agriculture industry.

 Starting an Organization has information on structuring an orgnaizationg including incorporation. You will find  tips on developing by-laws and policies and procedures.

In Developing a Strategic Plan, you will learn about building vision and mission statements, goal development and strategic planning.

Being a Board Member leads you through the importance of developing board roles and responsibilities, orientation for board members, recruiting new members and succession planning for your organization. 

In Board Operations, you will find information on holding meetings, risk management, communication and employee management.

Dissolving an Organization offers information about disbanding a board.

Resources include a range of tools and printable material that are easy to share with your members.


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What's New 

Manitoba Fair & Events Guide 2019 
Can be found here.


Strategies for Managing Risk Seminars - Protect Yourself and Your Organization - Manitoba Agriculture is hosting seminars to help participants indentify and assess risks in an agriculutre organization

Brandon       March 7, 2019

Carman        March 6, 2019

Details can be found here.  


NEW Ag Action Mantioba for Industry Organizations
can be found here.


NEW Ag Action Manitoba for Researchers and Industry Service Providers can be found here.


Manitoba's agricultural industry organizations will benefit from the new federal-provincial funding framework.


Manitoba Fair & Events Guide 2018 

Can be found here.


New Factsheets

Youth and Board Governance: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness

Risk Management: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness

Resolving Conflict: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness

Respectful Meetings: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness 

Meeting Minutes: Build Your Organization's Effectiveness


LeadershipTalk Webinar Series

Manitoba Agriculture Industry Leadership staff provide free webinars on building the organizational capacity within the agriculture sector which results in high performing organizations.

 Previously recorded webinars can be found here.

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