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New Home Warranty Protection

Starting on January 1, 2018, Manitoba’s New Home Warranty Act will come into effect. As a part of the Manitoba government’s five-year strategy for stronger consumer protection, this legislation will ensure that newly-constructed homes in Manitoba will be protected against construction-related defects by a mandatory new home warranty. The legislation will cover most new homes, including condominiums, for a period of seven years and up to $100,000.

This page provides information on the new legislation in the form of frequently asked questions:

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What types of new homes are covered?

  • Single family homes
  • Townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, etc.
  • Condominium units (common areas are also covered)
  • Manufactured homes (modular and “ready-to-move” homes)
  • Cottages and recreational homes

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What types of buildings are not covered?

  • Hotels and motels
  • Lodges, out-camps, and residential camps including work-camps
  • Dormitories, personal care homes, development centres
  • Mobile homes, RVs, trailers, etc.
  • Rental buildings
  • New homes constructed by Habitat for Humanity
  • New homes constructed by Hutterite Colonies on colony land

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What is covered by the warranty?

  • One year for defects in materials, labour and design
  • Two years for defects violations of the Manitoba Building Code and defects to electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, exterior cladding, caulking, windows, doors, and building envelope, including defects resulting in water penetration.
  • Seven years for major structural components

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Who provides the home warranty?

Warranties are provided by a third-party home warranty provider. It is recommended that consumers speak to their builders or real estate professional regarding warranty providers.

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Who arranges the warranty coverage?

When buying a new home or contracting with a builder to construct a custom-build home, inquire about the warranty company that the builder works with. Home buyers do not need to find a warranty provider or contact warranty companies directly. Builders are responsible for making sure that the home is enrolled with a warranty provider and that the right coverage terms are in place.

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What if I find a problem with my new home?

As a new homeowner, if you notice something that isn’t quite right with your new home, you may contact your home builder directly to discuss the issue. The builder knows your home and is the best person to address any possible defects and make repairs if necessary. In the event that the builder is unable or unavailable to resolve the issue, you may then consider filing a formal warranty claim.

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Do builders need to be registered?

Yes, all builders of new homes in Manitoba must be registered and must arrange for warranty coverage on the homes they build. Building permit issuers will require proof that the home builder is registered and that a warranty provider has committed to providing a warranty on the new home prior to issuing a building permit.

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Where can I find out information about builders and new homes?

Information on registered builders and the status of warranty coverage on newly built homes will be available via an online “New Home Registry”. The registry will allow the public to look up the address of any home registered in the system to find out information on who built the home and what the warranty coverage is.

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Does this apply to condominiums?

Yes.  Purchasers of condominium units will have the same warranty protection as other types of homes.  The common areas of condominium complexes are also covered.

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Will I be able to build my own home?

Yes. Under the new legislation, it will be possible to build your own home and not have to arrange for home warranty coverage. However, owner-builders will have to arrange for home warranty on their homes should they wish to sell it to another family or individual.

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How will the legislation be enforced?

The Province will ensure consumers and businesses are aware of their rights and obligations under The New Home Warranty Act. There are provisions that may be used to address situations where businesses or individuals fail to comply, including compliance orders, administrative penalties, or referring the matter for prosecution.

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Where can I find links to the legislation?

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