Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission

The Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission (AICAC) is the appeal body for individuals who disagree with an Internal Review Decision made by the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation (MPIC) about their entitlements to benefits under the no-fault Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP). AICAC is an independent agency established by the Manitoba Government and is completely separate from MPIC. Appeals may be heard by a single Commissioner or by a panel of three Commissioners.

If you are not satisfied with an Internal Review Decision made by MPIC under the no-fault insurance system, you can appeal the decision to AICAC.

You are entitled, within 90 days from the day you receive an MPIC Internal Review Decision, or within such further time as AICAC may allow, to file your Notice of Appeal with AICAC. You must provide reasons in writing to AICAC should you file your Notice of Appeal after the 90 days. AICAC will ask MPIC for their comments and a hearing may be held to determine if you should be allowed the extension.

Once you have filed your appeal, you will be assigned an Appeals Officer. This person will assemble the relevant documents, as detailed in the Guidelines for Hearings. AICAC will contact both you and MPIC to schedule a hearing. AICAC will provide you with written notice of the hearing date, place and time. Hearings will normally be conducted in Winnipeg. Although every attempt is made to hear an appeal as soon as possible, workload, complexity of the case and many other factors may extend the time that it takes to assemble the documents and schedule a hearing.

You may represent yourself or be represented by a Claimant Adviser, a lawyer, or anyone else you choose. The Claimant Adviser Office is an advocacy office, completely independent from MPIC and AICAC that has been created to help people who want to appeal MPIC Internal Review Decisions .

Guidelines for Hearings are provided to all parties to assist them in their appeal. These guidelines provide general information on the policies and practices of AICAC.

At the hearing, you will have the opportunity to present your case to AICAC in person or via teleconference. It is important that you participate in the hearing. If you do not participate, AICAC may proceed in your absence and decide the appeal.

AICAC has the authority to set aside, confirm or vary Internal Review Decisions made by MPIC.

Normally you will not find out AICAC's decision on the day of the hearing. Once AICAC has reached a decision, AICAC will provide both you and MPIC with a written decision. Decisions of AICAC are binding on both you and MPIC. Either party may appeal the decision of AICAC to the Court of Appeal within 30 days from the date of receipt of the decision. Such appeals are limited to a question of jurisdiction or of law and only with the permission obtained from a judge of the Court of Appeal. Decisions of AICAC will be posted on this website.