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AICAC Appeals Officer Appellant
Claimant Adviser Commissioner Guidelines for Hearings
Indexed file Internal Review Decision Jurisdiction
MPIC No-fault Insurance Personal Injury Protection Plan

Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission
Appeals Officer
The individual assigned by AICAC to prepare the indexed file of documents relevant to the appeal. The Appeals Officer is AICAC's contact person for the parties.
The individual who is disagreeing with an MPIC Internal Review Decision and is asking AICAC to consider the appeal.
Claimant Adviser
An individual that can explain how the MPIC Act and regulations apply to your bodily injury claim, may help you appeal to AICAC, advise about the details of the appeal process and evidence needed and may represent you during your appeal hearing, amongst other services.
An official appointed by the Lieutenant Governor to hear and decide on appeals from Internal Review Decisions of MPIC.
Guidelines for Hearings
Information on policies and practices that may be followed when AICAC hears your appeal.
Indexed file
A file of documents that are relevant to your appeal. The main source of these documents is MPIC's file for your claim, but you may add relevant documents such as medical and other expert reports if you so wish. Your Appeal Officer assembles the indexed file based on the information you have provided in your Notice of Appeal and the Internal Review Decision you are appealing.
Internal Review Decision
The decision by an MPIC Internal Review Officer after you have applied for a review of a case manager's decision.
The legal authority of AICAC to hear your appeal. For example, AICAC is only allowed to hear appeals from MPIC Internal Review Decisions concerning benefits from injuries related to automobile accidents.
Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation
No-fault Insurance
Insurance that does not assign fault for the purposes of providing benefits. In other words, the benefits you receive from a no-fault insurance plan are the same whether you caused the accident or not.
Personal Injury Protection Plan
The plan that governs benefits paid to persons injured in motor vehicle accidents.


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