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Manitoba has been in the mining business for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Aboriginal people who settled in Manitoba used to quarry red ochre/hematite from the Red Cliff area on what is now called Black Island. This deposit became a valuable resource for many tribal rituals, as the red rock was crushed to make a pigment used in body decoration and rock paintings.

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1739 Louis-Joseph de La Verendrye (the youngest son of the explorer) sent to examine minerals at Red Cliff, south shore of Black Island.
1800s Salt produced by men of the Hudson’s Bay Company and Northwest Company to supply the Red River settlement.

Limestone mining industry had its beginnings during the early days of the Red River settlements.

Salt was produced until 1874 by boiling water from brine springs found on the west side of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipegosis.
1812 Mention of magnetite at narrows of Knee Lake.
1818 James Monkman manufactured salt for local demands from the brine springs (Monkman’s Springs), Red Deer Peninsula, southern part of Lake Winnipegosis. His sons produced more extensively in the 1850s.
1832 First recorded use of Tyndall ® Stone (mottled dolomitic limestone) used to build Lower Fort Garry.
1850 Little Stony Mountain Quarry, Winnipeg, burning lime.
1855 Little Stony Mountain Quarry, Winnipeg, production of lime ceased.
1857 Discovery of coal, Souris River.
1870 Province of Manitoba enters Confederation.
1874 Monkman's Salt Works stopped producing salt from the brine springs (Monkman’s Springs), Red Deer Peninsula, southern part of Lake Winnipegosis.
1880s Quarrying begun at Stonewall.
1883 First lignite produced, Lennox mine, Turtle Mountain area.
1885 Dock built at Red Cliff and 5.4 tonnes of hematite shipped by sailboat to Winnipeg and by rail to Chicago where a car wheel was cast.

First mining of coal, Vadon mine, Turtle Mountain field, and continued intermittently at McArthur, McKay and Manitoba coal companies until 1908.
1889 Resolution of the boundary dispute between Manitoba and Ontario.
1890 Discovery of gold, Falcon Lake.
1895 William Garson opened the first commercial quarry in the province, in the Garson district.
1898 Production of crushed stone for road building and of stone curbing was begun, at Little Stony Mountain Quarry (City Quarry), Winnipeg.

John Gunn opened a limestone quarry at Garson.


1900 Little Stony Mountain Quarry Co. Egan's Quarry, Winnipeg, began production.
1900 Quarrying began, Stony Mountain by John Gunn and Sons.
1901 First development of gypsum deposits in Manitoba, Manitoba Union Mining Company, Portage Bay (Gypsumville).
1904 Operations ceased at Egan's Quarry, Winnipeg.
1905 Operations ceased at Little Stony Mountain Quarry.  The City of Winnipeg purchased a quarry at Stony Mountain and moved entire plant

City of Winnipeg, Manitoba Construction Company began quarrying, Stony Mountain.
1910 Quarrying at Elephant Hill near Gypsumville began.
1911 Staking of the San Antonio gold claims, Big Rice Lake. (Video: Bissett Golden Centennial)
1913 First gold bar produced in Manitoba, Penniac Reef Gold Mine.
1914 Discovery of copper-zinc at Flin Flon

Discovery of gold at Herb (Wekusko) Lake.
1915 Discovery of the Mandy mine copper orebody, Schist Lake.

Staking of the Flin Flon orebody, Flin Flon.

Discovery of the Rex mine, Wekusko Lake showings.
1916 Production begins, Mandy mine, Schist Lake.
1917 Gold ore was the province’s first recorded metal shipment at Herb (Wekusko) Lake.
1919 Gold Pan Mines Limited, started production at Gold Pan and Gold Seal (mine), Gold Lake.
1920 Closing of Mandy mine.

Discovery of copper-nickel deposits at Oiseau (Bird) River.

Shaft sinking at Flin Flon.

The Legislative Building formally opened on July 15, 1920, the 50th anniversary of Manitoba's entry into Confederation. The building is constructed of Manitoba Tyndall® Stone.
1921 Gold Pan Mines Limited, stopped production at Gold Pan and Gold Seal (mine), Gold Lake.
1922 Discovery of Sherridon Mines orebody.
1923 Staking of the Sherritt-Gordon orebody.

Mining begins, Onondaga mine.

Lake Superior Metals Company Limited, started production at Gold Pan and Gold Seal (mine), Gold Lake.
1924 Discovery of lithium ore, Pointe du Bois.

Discovery of Central Manitoba-Kitchener orebody, Long Lake.

Rex mine, Wekusko Lake, production $150,000 in gold to 1925.

Lake Superior Metals Company Limited, stopped production at Gold Pan and Gold Seal (mine), Gold Lake.
1925 Discovery of gold near Gem and Slate lakes.

Gull (property) produced molybden.
1927 Development begins, San Antonio mine, Bissett.

Mining begins at Flin Flon.

North Star Oil builds first crude oil refinery in Manitoba.

Production begins, Central Manitoba mine, Long Lake.
1928 Completion of rail line to Flin Flon from The Pas.

Construction of concentrator, copper smelter, and zinc plant begins at Flin Flon.

Shaft sinking at Sherridon mine.

Development begins, Oro Grande mine, Beresford Lake.

Manitoba Department of Mines and Natural Resources established.

Shaft sinking at Gem Lake mine.

Mining resumes, Mandy mine, Schist Lake.

R.M. of Rockwood begins quarrying, Stony Mountain.
1929 Development of Amaranth gypsum deposits, Western Gypsum Products Ltd.

Mining ceases, Mandy mine, Schist Lake.


1930 Start-up of Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting concentration plant and smelter.

Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta assume control over their natural resources.

First production of refined zinc and blister copper, Flin Flon mine.
1931 Discovery of gold, Island Lake.

Production begins, Sherritt-Gordon mill, Sherridon.

Gold produced at Herb (Wekusko) Lake.

Deloraine Coal Company/Turtle Mountain Coal Mines, produced 600 tons of lignite near old McArthur mine.
1932 Production begins, San Antonio gold mine.

Suspension of milling, Sherritt-Gordon mill, Sherridon.

First commercial production of salt, Neepawa Salt Ltd. from concentrated brines in a deep well, Neepawa.

Discovery of gold, God’s Lake.

Milling begins, Gem Lake mine and Cryderman mine, Wallace Lake.
1933 Production begins, Vanson gold mine, Rice Lake.

Production begins, Grand Central gold mine, Wanipigow Lake.

Milling begins, San Antonio mine, Rice Lake.

Discovery of gold, Beresford Lake (later Gunnar Gold Mines).

Milling begins, Solo-Oro Grande mine, Beresford Lake.

Ivor Peterson begins quarrying granite, Lac du Bonnet area.
1934 Shaft sinking at Gunnar gold mine.

Resumption of mining at Rex (Laguna) mine, Wekusko Lake.

Operations of Solo-Oro Grande mine, Beresford Lake suspended.

Operations resume at Rex mine, Wekusko Lake and Gem Lake mine.

Shaft sinking at Gabrielle mine.

Production begins, Island Lake mine.
1935 Discovery of Dickstone No. 1 surface showing.

Mining begins, Johnston Knee Lake mine.

Shaft begun Jowsey Island mine.

Discovery of gold, Echimanish River.

Milling begins, God’s Lake mine.

Suspension of milling, Island Lake mine.

Suspension of mining, Johnston Knee Lake mine.

Canadian Industries Ltd. purchased Neepawa Salt Ltd.

First production of tellurium and selenium at Flin Flon.
1936 Shaft sinking at Gold Lake and Packsack mines, Red Rice Lake.

Resumption of mining, Solo-Oro Grande mine, Beresford Lake.

Production begins, Gunnar gold mine, Wallace Lake.

Suspension of mining, Jowsey Island mine.

Discovery of copper near Morton Lake.

Production resumes, Rex mine, Wekusko Lake.

First production of cadmium, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company, Flin Flon.
1937 Mining begins, Cranberry Portage mine.

Suspension of mining, Gem Lake mine.

Production begins, Gurney gold mine, Cranberry Portage.

Production resumes, Sherritt-Gordon mill, Sherridon.

Suspension of operations, Central Manitoba mines, Long Lake.

First commercial shipment of lithium in Canada from Manitoba, Lithium Corporation of Canada, Bernic Lake.
1938 Resumption of production, Solo-Oro Grande mine, Beresford Lake.

Shaft sinking at Sunbeam mine, Star Lake.

Winnitoba Marble Company Limited began producing monumental and decorative building stone from the  “black granite” quarry, West Hawk Lake.
1939 Closing of Gurney mine.

Operations suspended, Rex mine, Herb Lake and Gurney mines, Cranberry Portage.
1940 Operations cease, Oro Grande mine, Beresford Lake.
1941 New plant erected by Canadian Industries Ltd., producing salt by the vacuum pan evaporation process, Neepawa.

Discovery of copper-nickel orebody, Lynn Lake.

Production of peat moss begins at Julius bog by Winnipeg Supply and Fuel company.
1942 Closing of Gunnar Gold mine, Wallace Lake.

Discovery of chromite deposits, Bird River.

Shipments of gold ore from Ogama-Rockland mine, Long Lake to Gunnar mill, Wallace Lake.

Production of concentrates, Sherritt-Gordon mine, Sherridon.

Century Gold Mine, Elbow Lake, poured a gold bar and ceased operation shortly after.
1943 Magnetometer survey discloses four anomalies under Lynn Lake.

Emergency Metals re-opens Mandy mine, Schist Lake.

Closing of God’s Lake mine.
1944 Closing of Mandy mine, Schist Lake.
1945 Staking of Lynn Lake orebody, Sherritt Gordon Mines.
1946 Sherritt-Gordon discovers nickel-copper in drill core, Granville Lake.

Exploratory drilling of nickel-copper deposits, Lynn Lake.
1947 Construction of mill, Cuprus mine, Flin Flon area.

Discovery of Schist Lake deposit and shaft sinking, Flin Flon.

Construction begins on the Snow Lake Mining road from Wekusko, and on the Hudson Bay Railway, to Snow Lake.
1948 Milling begins at Ogama-Rockland mine, Long Lake.

Production begins, Jeep gold mine, Wallace Lake.

Cuprus mine, Flin Flon area in production.

Sherritt-Gordon Mines sinks shaft at Lynn Lake.

Shoal Lake Granite Company shipping monumental stone in the form of rough blocks to Winnipeg, from the “granite” quarry, Shoal Lake.
1949 Development of Schist Lake copper-zinc mine, Flin Flon.

Discovery of North Star deposit, through geophysics.

Development of scintillation counter prospecting method, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

Production begins, Nor-Acme gold mine, Snow Lake.

Ivor Peterson ceases quarrying granite, Lac du Bonnet area.
1950 Production ends, Jeep gold mine, Wallace Lake.

Construction of oil pipelines from Gretna to Winnipeg.
1951 Ore exhausted at Sherritt Gordon’s Sherridon mine, production ends. The concentrator, mining plant, homes, and other worthwhile portable property were moved by tractor train to Lynn Lake, a distance of 160 km to the north.

Production begins, zinc fuming and zinc oxide treatment plant, Flin Flon.

Discovery of Don Jon orebody, Flin Flon through geophysics.

All mining and milling completed at Ogama-Rockland mine, Long Lake.

First commercial oil well in the Williston Basin, the “California Standard Daly,” near Virden, Manitoba. This marked the discovery of Manitoba’s first major field, the Daly Field.

Shoal Lake Granite Company “granite” quarry, Shoal Lake ceased operation.
1952 Discovery of Tilston, Waskada, and Lulu Lake, Coulter oil fields.

Development of Sherritt Gordon nickel-copper deposits at Lynn Lake.

Winnitoba Marble Company Limited stopped producing at the “black granite” quarry, West Hawk Lake.
1953 Exploration of nickel deposits, Mystery Lake.

Underground exploration at Birch Lake Copper and Coronation properties, Flin Flon.

Discovery of Roselea oil field, Virden.

Production begins, Sherritt Gordon’s Lynn Lake "A" mine.

Completion of railway to Lynn Lake.

Milling begins, Lynn Lake.

Discoveries of Virden and Whitewater oil fields.
1954 Discovery of nickel-copper orebodies at Moak Lake.

Production begins, EL mine, Lynn Lake.

Closing of Cuprus mine, Flin Flon area.

Production begins, Schist Lake mine.

Discovery of Pierson oil field.
1955 Production begins, Don Jon and North Star, Flin Flon mines.

Production begins Forty-Four Mines gold mine, Rice Lake district.

Discovery of West Butler, Regent oil field.
1956 Discovery of Chisel Lake, Ghost Lake and Stall Lake orebodies, through geophysics.

Shaft sinking begins, Moak Lake.

Announcement of Thompson project by Inco and Province of Manitoba.

Mafeking limestone quarries began producing.
1957 Production begins, Birch Lake-Saskatchewan mine.

Closing of Don Jon mine, Flin Flon.

Discovery of Kirkella oil field.
1958 Production begins, Tanco mine, Bernic Lake.

Closing of North Star mine, Flin Flon.

Closing of Nor-Acme gold mine, Snow Lake.

Discovery of Jungle Lake copper-zinc orebody.

Cold Spring Granite (Canada) Ltd. reopens quarry, Lac du Bonnet area.
1959 Discovery of Rod No. 1 orebody, Little Stall Lake.


1960 Closing of Birch Lake-Saskatchewan mine.

Completion of railroad from Chisel Lake to Optic Lake.

Production begins, Chisel Lake mine, Snow Lake.

Blowing in of Inco’s smelter, Thompson.
1961 Airborne geophysical survey results in discovery of Fox mine orebody.

Operations begin, International Nickel mining and refining complex, Thompson.
1962 Discovery of Souris-Hartney oil field.

Waterflooding initiated in Virden oil field.

Production begins, Rod No. 1 mine, Little Stall Lake.

Discovery of Wim deposit, Snow Lake area.
1963 Discovery of the Birchtree deposit, Thompson.

Discovery of the Anderson Lake deposit, Snow Lake.

Discovery of the Manibridge orebody, Wabowden.

Production complete El mine, Lynn Lake

Production stopped at Forty-Four Mines, Rice Lake area.

Western Gypsum Products Ltd., Amaranth mine closed.
1964 Closing of the Rod No. 1 mine, Little Stall Lake.

Opening of Stall Lake mine, Snow Lake.

Gypsum mining started near Silver Plains.

Development of the Birchtree mine.
1965 Discovery of the Rod No. 2 orebody, Little Stall Lake.

Development of the Soab mines, Thompson.
1966 First exploratory drilling for oil on on-shore area of Hudson Bay.
1967 Commercial quarrying ceased at Stonewall with the depletion of the high quality reserves.

Discovery of new Mississippian pool at Waskada oil field.

Opening of Bernic Lake tantalum mine, Lac du Bonnet.

Completion of railroad from Osborne Lake mine to Stall Lake mine.

New Gypsum mine opened at Amaranth.
1968 Completion of railroad from Pipe Lake to Thompson.

Closing of the San Antonio mine, Bissett.

Production begins, Osborne Lake mine.

Dryden Chemicals Limited began processing salt east of Brandon, Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd. purchased the plant and continued operations under the name of Hooker Chemicals Canada. Brines were pumped from two wells until they were abandoned in 1978.
1969 Drilling of first offshore well in Hudson Bay (a dry hole).

Discoveries of Reed Lake and Centennial copper deposits.

Production begins, Birchtree mine, Thompson.

Opening of Flexar mine, Creighton, SK, ore shipped to Flin Flon for treatment.

Opening of Dumbarton mine, Bernic Lake.

Development of Pipe Nos. 1 and 2 open pits, Thompson.

Bernic Lake, Tantalum mine began producing.

Discovery of the Ruttan orebody, Leaf Rapids.

Operations ceased at Garson Quarry.

Winnipeg Supply and Fuel Company opened quarry for the production of high-calcium limestone, Faulkner. The stone supplied lime plants at Spearhill and Fort Whyte.

Western Peat Moss Limited began peat moss production at Medika Bog, Winnipeg Vicinity.
1970 Production begins, Anderson Lake mine, Snow Lake.

Production begins, Fox copper-zinc mine, Lynn Lake.

Production begins, Dickstone mine, Beavertail Lake.

Canadian Salt Limited plant, Neepawa closed.Production begins, Pipe No. 1 open pit, Thompson. Gypsum mine closed, Amaranth.
1971 Production begins, Manibridge mine, Wabowden.

Production ceased at Soab North and Soab South mines, Thompson.
1972 Production begins, White Lake mine.

Production begins, Ghost mine.

Closing of Flexar, Saskatchewan mine.

Evergreen Peat and Fertilizier Limited began peat moss production at Evergreen Bog, Winnipeg Vicinity.
1973 Production begins, Ruttan mine, Leaf Rapids.
1974 Closing of Dumbarton mine, Bernic Lake.

Production from Maskwa open pit.
1975 Closing of Dickstone mine, Beavertail Lake.

Silver Plains gypsum mine closed due to flooding of the shaft.

Closing of Maskwa mine, Bird Lake.
1976 Closing of Schist Lake and Lynn Lake mines.

Operations suspended at White Lake to allow deepening of shaft.

Steel Brothers Canada opened lime plant at Faulkner and closed the plants at Spearhill and Fort Whyte.
1977 Closing of Manibridge mine, Wabowden.

Suspension of mining, Birchtree, Thompson.

Centennial, Athapapuskow Lake, in production.

Gypsum Quarry opened at Amaranth.
1978 Production begins, Westarm mine, Schist Lake.

Resumption of mining, White Lake mine.

Production begins, Lost Lake mine.

Development begins, Spruce Point mine.

Hooker Chemicals Canada abandoned salt brine wells near Brandon.

Bison Rock Products Ltd., begins quarrying, Stony Mountain.

Quarrying at Gypsumville, Elephant Hill quarry ceased.
1979 Centennial mine, Athapapuskow Lake closes because of bulkhead failure.


1980 Resumption of production, Centennial mine, Athapapuskow Lake.

Successful recompletion of a producing well in Waskada Field. This was the first production recorded in Canada from the Jurassic Amaranth, or Spearfish, formation. This triggered Manitoba’s second oil boom.
1982 Production begins, Trout Lake mine, Flin Flon.

Suspension of mining, Bernic Lake tantalum mine.

Milling begins, San Antonio mine, Rice Lake.

Production begins, Spruce Point and Lotus mines.

Closing of White Lake mine.

Closing of Lotus mine.

Discovery of Mountainside oil field.
1983 Osborne Lake mine ceased production.

Suspension of operations at Centennial, Athapapuskow Lake and San Antonio, Bissett mines.
1984 Closing of Osborne Lake mine.

Production begins, Rod mine, Snow Lake area.

Discovery of Namew Lake orebody.

Production ends, Pipe Mine, Thompson.

Waskada Gas Plant begins operations.

Mining of spodumene begins, Bernic Lake tantalum mine.
1985 Discovery of oil in the Mississippian Bakken formation.

Westarm, Schist Lake closed to allow further exploration.

Resumption of mining, Centennial mine, Athapapuskow Lake.

Closing of Fox mine, Lynn Lake.
1986 Milling of spodumene begins, Bernic Lake mine.

Production begins, INCO Ltd.’s Thompson open pit North mine, Thompson.

Production begins, MacLellan mine, Lynn Lake.

Commercial quarrying ceased at Gypsumville and Amaranth.
1987 Production begins, Tartan Lake mine.

Production begins, Puffy Lake mine.

Steel Brothers Canada Ltd. built new calcium carbonate plant beside the lime plant, Faulkner.

Premier West Peat Moss Ltd. began producing peat moss, Giroux Bog, Winnipeg Vicinity, and Caribou Bogs near Hadashville.
1988 Resumption of production, Tanco mine, Bernic Lake.

Closing of Ghost Lake mine.

Closing of Anderson Lake mine.

Closing of Centennial mine, Athapapuskow Lake.

Opening of Namew Lake nickel-copper mine, south of Flin Flon.
1989 Opening of Chisel Lake open pit mine, Snow Lake.

Puffy Lake operations suspended.

Resumption of production, Birchtree mine, Thompson.

Suspension of operations, Tartan Lake gold mine, Flin Flon.

Closing of MacLellan mine, Lynn Lake.
1990 Production begins, Callinan mine, Flin Flon area.

Production begins Thompson South open-pit mine, Thompson.

Domtar's quarry (old), Gypsumville ceased operations.

Production began at Harcus Quarry, Amaranth area.
1991 Closing of the Rod copper-zinc mine, Snow Lake area.
1992 Closing of Spruce Point copper-zinc mine, Reed Lake.

Bison Rock Products Ltd., ceases quarrying, Stony Mountain.
1993 Discovery of oil in the Jurassic Melita formation, St. Lazare.

Inco's open pits North and South mines mining completed.

Closing of Namew Lake nickel-copper mine, Flin Flon area.

Opening of Burnt Timber (BT Keystone) gold mine, Lynn Lake.
1994 Mining begins, 1-D mine, Thompson.

Westarm mine, Schist Lake re-opened.

Closing of Stall Lake mine, Snow Lake.

Closing of Chisel Lake mine, Snow Lake.
1995 Opening of Photo Lake copper-zinc mine, Snow Lake.

Re-opening of New Britannia gold mine (formerly Nor-Acme mine), Snow Lake.
1996 Opening of Farley Lake gold mine, Lynn Lake area.

Opening of the Keystone gold mine, Lynn Lake.

Closing of BT (Keystone Joint Venture) gold mine, Lynn Lake area.

Discovery of Bird Tail oil field.
1997 Re-opening of Bissett (formerly San Antonio) gold mine (mining was suspended later that year).

Closing of Westarm zinc-copper mine, Flin Flon area.
1998 (Re)-opening of Harmony gold mine, Bissett (formerly San Antonio).

Closing of the Photo Lake copper-zinc-gold-silver mine, Snow Lake area.
1999 Suspension of operations, INCO, Thompson (subsequently resumed).
2000 Farley Lake mine shut down.

Closing of Keystone gold mine, Lynn Lake.

Opening of Chisel North zinc mine, Snow Lake.

Deepening begins, INCO LTD.'s Birchtree mine, Thompson.
2001 Suspension of production, Bissett gold mine.
2002 Closing of Ruttan copper-zinc mine, Leaf Rapids (it opened in 1973).

Completion of expansion, Birchtree nickel-copper mine, Thompson.

The Mines and Minerals Act amended to change the confidentiality period for assessment reports (reports of work submitted by exploration companies).

Sunterra Horticulture (Canada) Inc. begins peat moss production at Beaver Point.
2004 Operations suspended at the New Britannia mine, Snow Lake.

Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting, 777 mine project completed, Flin Flon.

Anglo American sold Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting to OntZinc Corporation, which changed its name to HudBay Minerals.

Discovery of Sinclair oil field.
2005 Approximately 3000 previously unavailable reports of work submitted by exploration companies were released to the public domain.

There are approximately 1,863 producing wells in Manitoba, 15 designated oil fields and 166 oil pools in southwest Manitoba.
2006 San Gold Corp, Bissett in production at 2 mines, Rice Lake mine (formerly Harmony gold mine) and San Gold No. 1 mine.
2008 Berger Peat Moss Ltd. opened peat production plant at peat bog, Hadashville.
2009 First nickel shipment from Bucko Lake nickel mine, Wabowden.

Hinge Mine began production, Bissett.

Operations suspended Chisel North Mine, Snow Lake.

Tantalum and spodumene operations suspended at Tanco Mine, Lac du Bonnet.

Several granite quarries operating in southeastern Manitoba by CanAmerican Granite Corp., Cold Spring Granite (Canada) Ltd. and Societe Miniere Polycor Inc.
2010 Operations resume Chisel North Mine, Snow Lake.

San Gold 1, put on care and maintenance, Bissett.
2012 Operations ceased Trout Lake Mine, Flin Flon.

Operations ceased Chisel North Mine, Snow Lake.

Operations suspended at Bucko Lake Mine, Wabowden.
2014 Full production Lalor Mine, Snow Lake.

Full production Reed Mine, Flin Flon.

Many companies continue to operate quarries throughout the Province. For more information, contact the Mining Recording Office, by email or telephone 1-800-223-5215.

For an overview of current mineral exploration in the province view the Manitoba Exploration Activity Tracker.

Visit the Petroleum web site to learn more about the Manitoba petroleum industry.



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