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This collection of videos produced by the Manitoba Geological Survey follows a geologist on a road trip as he travels to various spots in Manitoba and describes the geological features and history of each area. All videos listed below are hosted by YouTube. A playlist including all the titles below can be found here.

Special Feature!
Click here to find out more about Jim Bamburak, the Manitoba Geological Survey geologist featured in the GeoTours videos!


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Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, Morden, Manitoba


Pavement Outcrop of Upper Cretaceous Marco Calcarenite Beds


Roadside Outcrop of Upper Cretaceous Morden Member of the Carlile Formation


Spencer’s Ditch - Information purposes only - This location is on private property, please do not attempt to visit or access


Mount Nebo Roadside Outcrop of Upper Cretaceous Millwood and Pembina Members of the Pierre Shale


R.M. Thompson Shale Aggregate Quarry in the Upper Cretaceous Odanah Members of the Pierre Shale


Pilot Mound Ice-Thrust Hill of Pleistocene Till


Boissevain Methodist Church with Upper Cretaceous Boissevain Formation Building Stone


Boissevain Sand North Quarry within the Upper Cretaceous Boissevain Formation


The Rock Shop in Souris, Manitoba


Badger Creek Gold Claims


Canital Granite Ltd Quarry


Darlingford Moraine


Erco Worldwide Salt Solution Mine and Sodium Chlorate Plant


Falcon Creek Trail


First View of the Manitoba Escarpment, Looking West


Great Northern Railway Cut


La Rivière Quarry


Leary's Brick Plant and Home


Parks Branch Quarry


Turtle Mountain Outcrop


Vermette Quarry


West Hawk Lake


Sculptured Precambrian Granitic Rock


The Lily Pond


Winnipeg Aqueduct


Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Spirit Sands


Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Devils Punch Bowl


Manitoba's Petroleum Industry


Pembina Valley Provincial Park


Alan Lacovetsky's Pottery Studio



Explore Manitoba

There's so many great places to see and explore in Manitoba to learn more about rocks and minerals. Check out this list of museums, parks and more:

Agate Pits - The Souris Rock Shop

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre - Check out Manitoba's Provincial Fossil!

Have You Seen an OMAR? (Community Geoscience Project) Camera

Heritage North Museum - Thompson, Manitoba

Manitoba Geology blog

Manitoba Mining thru the Centuries

Manitoba Museum - Geology & Paleontology

Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre

Snow Lake Mining Museum

Stonewall Quarry Park

The Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie

The Mineral Society of Manitoba