Recruitment Process

Step 1 – Application

Applicants may submit a resume and cover letter, to a Correctional Officer/ Juvenile Counsellor job bulletin. Current Job bulletins can be found on our website, www.gov.mb.ca.

To avoid delays, applicants are requested to note the specific Competition number (if applicable) and their email address for correspondence.

Step 2 - Facility Tours

Upon successful completion of the tests, candidates are notified via email by Human Resources to proceed onto the next step. The next step involves candidates attending mandatory tours of the correctional centres. Candidates are welcome to tour as many correctional centres available.

Adult Facilities

Youth Facilities

Step 3 – Documents

At this step, candidates are notified they are required to provide the following Security Checks:
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Adult Abuse Registry Check
  • Security Screening Application Form

All candidates are required to submit a satisfactory Criminal Record Search, Child Abuse Registry Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check. We request original documents or the proof of reasonable efforts of obtaining these documents. “Proof of reasonable efforts” can include:

  • receipt of purchase of the Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Check, and Adult Abuse Registry Check
  • copies of the application form to be submitted

These documents (or copies of receipts or application) are required prior to the facility tours. Should our office not receive this documentation, it can preclude you from interviewing any of the Correctional Centres.

A Criminal Record Search can be obtained at:

  • Commissionaires Office, 290 Burnell Street
  • Winnipeg Police Service, 245 Smith Street or online
  • Local law enforcement agency

Please note you will be required to pay a processing fee. At certain locations, it may take at least 10 business days to receive your Criminal Record Search. The Vulnerable Sector Search only applies to only those residing/have resided outside of Manitoba.

Both Child and Adult Abuse Registry Checks can be obtained through an online application or in person to Child and Family Services, 1st floor -777 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. Please note that both checks can take eight – ten weeks to be processed and applicable fees will apply. Once received, you must immediately submit the originals to Human Resource Services.

The Security Screening Application form will be distributed to all candidates during the facility tour. Once candidates receive the form, they will be required to complete and submit the form (within five days of receipt). Candidates will undergo a Security Screening process that includes a series of relevant background checks and a Security Screening interview which will be determined at a later date.

For candidates that have completed a Security Screening Application form in a previous recruitment, you will be required to complete another form if it was submitted more than six months ago.

Please note that the above mentioned documents are to be submitted to Human Resource Services, 1130 – 405 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3L6.

Failure to provide this documentation can preclude candidates from proceeding to the interview stage.

Step 4 - Interviews

Once candidates have toured all the centres of interest, and provided the required documentation, they will be required to arrange for a personal interview with one centre of their choice. Candidates must ensure they verify with the Correctional Centres as to the appropriate process for scheduling an interview. At certain Correctional Centers, candidates may be eligible to immediately sign for a personal interview.

Personal interviews take place with a selection board from the appropriate correctional centre.
For tips on preparing for interviews, ask for a copy of the fact sheet: Preparing for the Job Interview.
Employment references will be contacted as part of the interview process.

Step 5 – Security Screening

Candidates that have undergone a facility interview will be required to undergo our Security Screening process. This process will involve an interview with a representative from our Corrections Security Unit. The Security Screening Form is required for this process; failure in submission of this form will cause delays in the recruitment process.

Step 6 - Interview Results

Applicants are advised of the outcome of the interview selection process. Letters of acceptance to training and medical fitness forms will be sent to successful candidates.

For candidates that are not successful at the interview:

An eligible applicant will be allowed another attempt at the next recruitment opportunity (after three months, but within 1 year from the date of their interview). Please contact Human Resource Services in this regard.

Upon request, feedback will be provided on specific areas needing improvement.

Candidates are not required to undergo Step #2 (Testing Process), but may be required to update their Criminal Record Search, Child Abuse Registry Check, and Adult Abuse Registry Checks.

It is the responsibility of applicants to upgrade their knowledge, skills or abilities before the next test. Upon request, general feedback will be provided on specific areas needing improvement. After a second failure at this step, applicants must wait a minimum of one year before further consideration. Applicants will be required to undergo the application and testing process in this regard.

Step 7 - Training Offer

Upon successful completion of all the steps, candidates will be offered a placement into the 8-week training program.

Please note, only candidates that have submitted a Criminal Record Search, Child Abuse Registry Check, and  Adult Abuse Registry Check will be offered a training placement.

Successful candidates will be asked to:

  • Complete a medical fitness form (to be completed by the candidate’s physician)
  • Sign and date a letter of training acceptance
  • Obtain Standard or Emergency First Aid and CPR Level “C” Certification.

Step 8 – 8-Week Training Program

During the mandatory training program, recruits are eligible to receive a stipend up to $2,800 for the duration of the eight week program. Candidates who are selected for a training opportunity will be provided with additional information regarding the stipend application process. For questions regarding the stipend, please email Manitoba Corrections Central Training Office at CSDCentralTraining@gov.mb.ca

Step 9 – Employment

Graduates are given a formal letter of offer which outlines employment conditions. A start date is confirmed and new Correctional Officers and Juvenile Counsellors are scheduled for work at the selected correctional centres. During the first six months to two years of employment, new Correctional Officers and Juvenile Counsellors receive on-the-­job orientation, coaching and training and are assessed for competence in core skills and abilities.

Congratulations! You’ve begun your career in Manitoba Justice!