Youth Facilities

Youth correctional centres in Manitoba provide custody and a variety of programs for young people charged with offences and/or sentenced to custody under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Programs focus on personal development and growth, including education, rehabilitation, vocational training, work experience and spirituality.

Agassiz Youth Centre (AYC)
AYC is located on 59 acres in Portage la Prairie. It is a youth correctional centre for offenders and remanded youth. Within the centre is Lakewood, a high security special handling unit for youth.

AYC has an EQUIP program designed specifically for youth. The goal is to increase the youth’s self worth and dignity, replacing negative values with positive. Youth look at the way they treat others, themselves and society. The EQUIP program is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week way of life.

Manitoba Youth Centre (MYC)
MYC is the largest youth correctional centre in Manitoba; it is located at 170 Doncaster Street in Winnipeg. It houses both male and female young offenders.  MYC is responsible for the care, custody and security of Sentenced and Remanded youth.  Case-management, Programming and Spiritual care are offered regularly at the centre; in order to help young people make better choices and avoid criminal lifestyles.