Receiving Payments

Timing of support payments

Once registered with MEP, payments are required to be made to MEP by the due date(s) specified in the support order or agreement.

Voluntary payment of support

MEP encourages voluntary payment by support payors. Once payments are received from support payors, they are generally processed and sent to the support recipient within 2-3 business days.

Payments received through a support deduction notice (garnishment)

  • If MEP is unable to arrange voluntary payments from a support payor, enforcement activity may be necessary to assist with the collection of support which will impact the timing of support payments.
  • If MEP is receiving payment from a support payor’s wages, payment may be received and paid in bi-weekly payments even if payments under your court order or agreement are due monthly or semi-monthly. More information is available on the Information for Employers and Financial Institutions (Income Sources) webpage.

Direct deposit

Direct deposit is the easiest way to ensure secure payments are received in a timely fashion. The Direct Deposit form can be provided to MEP by email: ManitobaMEPinquiries@gov.mb.ca

Keeping record of your payments

MEP keeps a payment record for all files. However, MEP encourages families to keep and regularly review their own records and their MEP Statement of Account to check the status of their file. Errors may be reported by email to ManitobaMEPinquiries@gov.mb.ca. Additional information is available on the Information for Support Payors webpage.

MEP does not issue tax receipts but yearly payment records for tax purposes are available upon request.

Direct payments from the support payor

All payments are required to be made through MEP and not directly to the support recipient after registering. If you receive a payment directly from the support payor, please report the payment to MEP as soon as possible so that your file balance can be updated. You can report a direct payment by:

  • The MEP line at 204-945-7133 or 1-866-479-2717. You will need your 7 digit file number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to report a payment through the MEPLine.
  • By email to ManitobMEPInquiries@gov.mb.ca
  • By correspondence
    • Letter to 100-352 Donald St, Winnipeg MB R3B 3H8
    • Fax to 204-945-5449
  • If reporting a payment by email or correspondence please include:
    • Your name
    • Your 7 digit File number
    • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or your original signature.
    • The specific amount and date of the payment received