Information for Support Payors

MEP works with support payors to make timely support payments by administering the order in the amounts, dates and frequency set in a support order or agreement. MEP cannot change a court order. It is your responsibility to:

  • Comply with the required payments including full payment of the amounts on the dates and frequency set out in the order, or
  • Have the support amount/frequency updated for a change in circumstances through your lawyer or the courts.

Options may be available through the MEP to provide temporary relief while a support payor is seeking to change an order or agreement. Some options available to you are:

Things to know for support payors

  • An administrative suspension of enforcement (ASOE) is available to temporarily cease enforcement if there is a change in circumstances (e.g. your income is reduced or the dependants are now in your care) or to allow time for parties to obtain a new court order.
  • An agreement to change support obligations allows for the parties to make an agreement to permit MEP to collect a different amount of support than the amount specified in their support order or agreement. Additional information is available on the Agreement to Change Support Obligations webpage.
  • MEP regularly reviews if an adult child is eligible for enforcement. Additional information is available on the Child Support Enforcement Eligibility webpage. For more information on how MEP can assist families, please visit the How MEP Works webpage.