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Manitoba Justice Helping Communities

Manitoba Justice serves Manitobans by helping to provide a safe, just and peaceful society. The justice system supports equality, fairness, individual responsibility and respect. Effective programs and services make safer communities.

What's New

Criminal Justice Modernization Strategy

Criminal Justice Modernization Strategy
The Manitoba government’s criminal justice system modernization strategy will help end cycles of crime, create safer communities and ensure timely access to justice for Manitobans.

You and the Law

Family Law

Manitoba Courts
Prosecutions: Step by Step
Law Enforcement Review Agency
Adult Correctional Centres
Youth Correctional Centres
Community Justice

The Family Justice Resource Centre
Paying Child Support
Maintenance Enforcement Program
Family Law Book
Domestic Violence
Victims of Crime

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Sex Offender Notification
Crime Prevention
Private Investigators/ Security Guards
Criminal Property Forfeiture
Child Sexual Exploitation
Impaired Driving
Reports and Expenses