If you received a ticket, you must respond within the response period shown on your ticket by choosing one of the following options:

Option 1: Admit the offence and pay the fine indicated.

Option 2: Admit the offence and appear before a justice to seek a reduction in the fine or to request more time to pay.

Option 3: Dispute the charge and request a hearing.

The Guide for Defendants provides general information about the court process for tickets. This guide is not meant to be used as legal advice. If you have any legal questions, contact a lawyer.

If you want to know how your ticket may affect your driver’s safety rating, visit the Manitoba Public Insurance website.

If you fail to respond ON, OR BEFORE, THE FINAL RESPONSE DATE shown on your ticket, you will be CONSIDERED TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OFFENCE. A default conviction will be entered against you, without the involvement of a justice, and a $50 default conviction penalty will be added to the fine shown on your ticket. If you do not pay the full amount of the fine and default conviction penalty, you may not be allowed to get or renew a driver’s licence or vehicle registration. Unpaid amounts may be sent for third-party collection which may affect your credit rating and result in more fees.