Employment Standards

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A Quick Guide to Employment Standards

The Employment Standards Code provides employees and employers with information regarding minimum wage standards, protection for young workers, paying wages and more.

Filing a Claim

The Employment Standards Code establishes the rights and responsibilities of most employees and employers in Manitoba. Employers and employees are often able to resolve disputes by speaking with Employment Standards or finding information from our website.  If employers and employees still disagree on what employees should be paid, a claim may be filed with Employment Standards. As a neutral third-party, Employment Standards can investigate and make a decision on what is owed.

Other Government Support

Employment Standards legislation does not cover all issues in the workplace. Employers and employees often ask questions better answered by another government agency or department.  

What is Minimum Wage?

The minimum wage is the lowest amount, per hour, employees must be paid by their employers for work in Manitoba.

What is the Labour Board?

Many people confuse the provincial Employment Standards and the Manitoba Labour Board. Employment Standards enforces minimum standards and investigates disagreements between employers and employees. The Manitoba Labour Board adjudicates decisions made by Employment Standards and gives employers and employees a chance to present evidence at a hearing.

Who is covered by The Employment Standards Code?

Employment standards legislation covers employees whose workplaces are under provincial jurisdiction. Almost 90% of all workplaces in Manitoba fall under provincial jurisdiction.  Some professionals and some employees working in agriculture and independent contractors are exempt from The Employment Standards Code.