Employment Standards

Employment Standards staff help employees and employers learn about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.


Do you have questions about the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in Manitoba? If so, please call our general inquiry lines at 204-945-3352 or toll free in Manitoba at 1-800-821-4307.

Claims and application forms can be submitted electronically to the Employment Standards email address indicated on those forms.

Interpersonal Violence Leave, formerly known as Domestic Violence Leave, provides job protected leave to employees who are victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking. Employees may take a leave to assist their child(ren) or other dependant(s) who experience or are exposed to interpersonal violence. For more information about Interpersonal Violence Leave click here.


Minimum Wage 

Minimum wage is $11.65 per hour as of October 1, 2019. 

Security Guard Minimum Wage is $12.50 per hour. 

Construction minimum wage rates for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) and Heavy sectors are contained in the Regulations to The Construction Industry Wages Act.