Municipal Affairs - 3rd Session - 37th Legislature

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Municipal Affairs Index


Lavergne, Christin (Private Citizen)

Adult Learning Centres Act (Bill 20), 46

Lavergne, Paulette (United Food and Commercial Workers)

Adult Learning Centres Act (Bill 20), 43

Lehotsky, Harry (New Life Ministries Organization and West End Community Improvement Association)

City of Winnipeg Charter Act (Bill 39), 130-134

Building code requirements, 133

Buildings, equipment and materials, 131

Business activities, 131, 133

Certification of trades, 132

Design and appearance of buildings, 132

Vacant and derelict buildings, 132

Winnipeg Building Commission, 133

Loewen, John (Fort Whyte) P.C.

The Forks North Portage Partnership

Administration costs, 16

Housing, 14-15

Borrowing costs, 80

Government deficit, funding of, 87

Public Utilities Board, referral to, 74

Public Utilities Board review, 81

Loewen, 81

Rate increases, 87-88

The Purchase of Winnipeg Hydro Act (Bill 49)

Capital investments, 83

Capital upgrades, 90-91

Employee interests, 93

Public Utilities Board review, 91


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