HOUSE INDEX - 2nd Session - 38th Legislature

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House Index - 2nd-38th


Oak Hammock Marsh

Eichler, 553

Oaths of Office, An Act Respecting the Administration of

[Bill 1], 1R, Doer, 11

Obstetric services

See Maternity ward closure under Victoria General Hospital

Odeon Drive-In

Taillieu, 924

Odour Control Tax Credit

Faurschou, 1884-1885

Struthers, 1884-1885

Oil industry

Highway weight restrictions, impact of

Lemieux, 2291, 3187-3188

Maguire, 2290-2291, 3186-3188


Smith, 2165

Olson, Clifford

Hawranik, 876, 878


Annual report tabling

Hickes, 286


Faurschou, 1822

Selinger, 1822

Opposition Day Motion

Health care services, management of

Chomiak, 3218-3220

Cummings, 3226-3228

Derkach, 3221-3223

Doer, 3215-3216

Driedger, 3213-3215

Dyck, 3233-3234

Faurschou, 3230-3231

Gerrard, 3231-3233

Lamoureux, 3225-3226

Murray, 3216-3218

Penner, 3223-3225

Reimer, 3234-3235

Taillieu, 3228-3230

Opposition party legislation

See Legislative Assembly Amendment Act (2)

Order of Canada recipients

McGuinnes, Fred

Tweed, 26

Order of Manitoba recipients

Fontaine, Phil

Jennissen, 53-54

Organ donations

See Human Tissue Amendment Act

Organized crime

See also Civil Remedies Against Organized Crime Act; Criminal Organizations Deterrence Act (Local Government Acts Amended); Criminal Property Forfeiture Act

General comments

Goertzen, 567-568

Reduction strategy

Hawranik, 20, 633, 2576, 2842-2843

Lemieux, 2576

Mackintosh, 20, 2842-2844

Orthopedic surgery

Waiting lists

Chomiak, 3357-3358

Driedger, 3357-3358

Osborne, Helen Betty

See Helen Betty Osborne Memorial Foundation Amendment Act

Oswald, Theresa (Seine River) N.D.P.

Budget debate, 1134-1139

Campeau, Anika, 1214

Conditional sentencing [Resolution 4], 2910-2911

Dakota Collegiate 40th reunion, 2757

Dakota Community Centre, 1709-1710

Dakota Forest clean up, 2426

Domestic Violence Prevention Month, 26

Eco-Kids, 2989

École Christine Lespérance, Festival du Voyageur events, 808-809

Glenlawn Collegiate, The Music Man production, 1079-1080

Health care services, wait list reduction strategy, 171

la Francophonie, 713-714

Louis Riel School Division, 172

Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Amendment Act (Protection of Crown Assets)

[Bill 11], 2R, 933

Manitoba Telephone System, privatization, 933

Manitoba Wait List Reduction Plan, 171

MTS Young Humanitarian Award, 1214

Oral Questions

Health care services, wait list reduction strategy, 171

Throne Speech, 34-37

Winnipeg Humane Society Human Heroes Award, 2989

Ototema program

Mackintosh, 1905


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