Legislative Affairs - 3rd Session - 38th Legislature

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Allan, Hon. Nancy (St. Vital) N.D.P.

Electricians' Licence Amendment Act [Bill 14]

Opening statements, 105

Workplace Safety and Health Amendment Act (Needles in Medical Workplaces) [Bill 23]

Instruction and training, 69

Opening statements, 89

Angus, Dave (Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce)

Residential Tenancies Amendment Act [Bill 38]

Compensation for undue delay, 132-133

Long-term housing strategy, 131

Public presentation, 129-133

Rent controls, 130

Rent controls (Saskatchewan), 133

Rent controls, exemptions, 132

Rental properties, stimulating investment, 131

Rental property shortage, 130-131

Arklie, Charles (Private Citizen)

Planning Act [Bill 33]

Written submissions, 278

Association of Manitoba Municipalities

Municipal Assessment Amendment Act [Bill 37]

Written submission, 148

Augustine, Shirley (Private Citizen)

Teachers' Pensions Amendment Act [Bill 48]

Cost of living allowance, 268-269

Public presentation, 268-269


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