1st Session 39th Legislature



Social and Economic Development Committee


Bill 3–The Healthy Child Manitoba Act

Bill 4 – The Real Property Amendment Act (Wind Turbines)

Bill 7–The Insurance Amendment Act

Bill 9–The Securities Amendment Act

Bill 10 – The Family Maintenance Amendment and Inter-jurisdictional Support Orders Amendment Act

Bill 11–The Children's Advocate's Enhanced Mandate Act (Various Acts Amended)

Bill 13–The Organic Agricultural Products Act

Bill 15–The Biofuels Amendment Act

Bill 16–The Statutory Holidays Act (Various Acts Amended)

Bill 17–The Firefighters, Peace Officers and Workers Memorial Foundations Act

Bill 18–The Forest Health Protection Act

Bill 21–The Housing and Renewal Corporation Amendment Act (Fund for Housing Revitalization)

Bill 22–The Medical Amendment Act


Justice Committee


Bill 5–The Public Accounts Committee Meeting Dates Act (Legislative Assembly Act Amended)

Bill 6–The Adult Literacy Act

Bill 8–The Public Schools Amendment Act (Regional Vocational Schools)

Bill 14–The Government Purchases Amendment Act (Responsible Manufacturing)

Bill 19–The Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act

Bill 20–The Planning Amendment Act (Deemed Single Operations)

Bill 202–The Apology Act

Bill 209–The Historic Trans-Canada Highway Act