Social and Economic Development - 1st Session - 39th Legislature

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Agricultural land use

Displacing food for fuel

Koroluk, 67

Agrofuel industry. See also Biodiesel industry; Bioethanol industry; Biofuels Amendment Act (Bill 15)

Displacing food for fuel

Levin, 74-75

Selinger, 74

Environmental impact

Koroluk, 68-69

Government subsidization

Koroluk, 69


Koroluk, 68

Allan, Hon. Nancy (Minister of Labour and Immigration)

Statutory Holidays Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 16)

Amendments--Clause 1

SED29; passed, 30

Amendments--Clause 2

SED30; passed, 30

Amendments--Clause 3

SED30; passed, 31

Economic impact, 18

Labour Management Review Committee position, 18, 31

Naming process, 29-30

Opening statements, 28


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