Crown Corporations - 1st Session - 39th Legislature

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Aboriginal employment and training opportunities

Manitoba Hydro

Brennan, 8

Affordable Energy Fund

Brennan, 5

Alternative energies

Geothermal initiatives

Brennan, 8

Wind energy

Brennan, 8

Ashton, Hon. Steve (Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs)

Crown Corporations, Standing Committee on

Meeting length, 2-3, 29

Motion for a subsequent meeting, 36

Auto insurance rates


Lamoureux, 66

McLaren, 66

Fraser Institute report

Graydon, 42

McLaren, 42

Auto theft

Claim costs

Hawranik, 48-49

McLaren, 48-49

Immobilizer installations

Chomiak, 58

Graydon, 58

Maguire, 57

McLaren, 57

Immobilizer requirements

Maguire, 54-57

McLaren, 55-57

MPI reduction strategy

Chomiak, 40

Automobile licensing. See Driver and vehicle licensing


Electric vehicles

Brennan, 8


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