2nd Session 39th


Agriculture and Food Committee


Bill 17傍he Environment Amendment Act

(Permanent Ban on Building or Expanding Hog



Justice Committee


Bill 3傍he Highway Traffic Amendment Act

Bill 4傍he Provincial Court Amendment Act (Family Mediators and Evaluators)

Bill 5傍he Witness Security Act

Bill 7傍he Child and Family Services Amendment Act (Child Pornography Reporting)

Bill 14傍he Criminal Property Forfeiture Amendment Act

Bill 20傍he Gunshot and Stab Wounds Mandatory Reporting Act

Bill 26傍he Legal Profession Amendment Act

Bill 35傍he Statutes Correction and Minor Amendments Act, 2008

Bill 37傍he Lobbyists Registration Act and Amendments to The Elections Act, The Elections Finances Act, The Legislative Assembly Act and the Legislative Assembly Management Commission Act

Bill 39傍he Court of Appeal Amendment Act

Bill 40傍he Drivers and Vehicles Amendment, Highway Traffic Amendment and Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Amendment Act


Legislative Affairs Committee


Bill 6傍he Securities Amendment Act

Bill 25傍he Embalmers and Funeral Directors Amendment Act

Bill 29傍he Business Practices Amendment Act (Disclosing Motor Vehicle Information)

Bill 38傍he Balanced Budget, Fiscal Management and Taxpayer Accountability Act


Private Bills


Bill 232傍he Public Schools Amendment Act (Anaphylaxis Policies)

Bill 300傍he Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club Incorporation Amendment Act


Social and Economic Development Committee


Bill 2傍he Public Schools Amendment Act (Trans Fats and Nutrition)

Bill 8傍he Phosphorus Reduction Act (Water Protection Act Amended)

Bill 9傍he Protection for Persons in Care Amendment Act

Bill 10傍he Legislative Library Act

Bill 11傍he Optometry Amendment Act

Bill 12傍he Securities Transfer Act

Bill 13傍he Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Damage to Infrastructure)

Bill 15傍he Climate Change and Emissions Reductions Act

Bill 16傍he Child Care Safety Charter (Community Child Care Standards Act Amended)

Bill 18傍he Testing of Bodily Fluids and Disclosure Act

Bill 19傍he Liquor Control Amendment Act

Bill 21傍he Advisory Council on Workforce Development Act

Bill 22傍he Worker Recruitment and Protection Act

Bill 23傍he International Labour Cooperation Agreements Implementation Act

Bill 24傍he Public Schools Amendment Act (Cyber-Bullying and Use of Electronic Devices)

Bill 27傍he Shellmouth Dam and Other Water Control Works Management and Compensation Act (Water Resources Administration Act Amended)

Bill 28傍he Strengthening Local Schools Act (Public Schools Act Amended)

Bill 30傍he Crown Lands Amendment Act

Bill 31傍he Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act

Bill 32傍he Personal Health Information Amendment Act

Bill 33傍he Salvation Army Grace General Hospital Incorporation Amendment Act

Bill 34傍he Child and Family Services Amendment and Child and Family Services Authorities Amendment Act (Safety of Children)

Bill 36傍he Municipal Assessment Amendment Act

Bill 45傍he Teachers' Pensions Amendment Act

Bill 47傍he CentrePort Canada Act

Bill 217傍he Ukrainian Famine and Genocide Memorial Day Act