Justice - 2nd Session - 39th Legislature

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Adams, Ruth (Private Citizen)

Court of Appeal Amendment Act (Bill 39)

Public presentations, 97-99

Drivers and Vehicles Amendment, Highway Traffic Amendment and Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Amendment Act (Bill 40)

Public presentations, 99-100

Arnason, Signy (Canadian Centre for Child Protection)

Child and Family Services Amendment Act (Child Pornography Reporting) (Bill 7)

Public presentations, 9-10

Cybertip.ca, case examples, 9-10

Ashton, Hon. Steve (Thompson) NDP

Lobbyists Registration Act and Amendments to The Elections Act, The Elections Finances Act, The Legislative Assembly Act and The Legislative Assembly Management Commission Act (Bill 37)

Fixed election date, 445

Motion by Goertzen requesting that Mr. Preston Manning be asked to present at committee, 465-466

Points of Order

P/O by Ashton regarding the use of the word "revival," 468

Lamoureux, 46


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