Private Bills Index - 1st Session - 40th Legislature

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Aboriginal child and family services agencies. See also specific agencies

Jewish Child and Family Service agency, consultations with

Gerrard, 8

Leonoff, 5-6

Aboriginal Child Welfare Initiative

Blady, 7

Leonoff, 6

Apprenticeship Awards of Distinction

Jakob, 3

Apprenticeship Manitoba


Jakob, 3

Apprenticeship Recognition Act

[Bill 212]

Opening remarks

Gaudreau, 9

Public presentations

Bobbette, 4

Jakob, 2-3


Bobbette, 4

Jakob, 2-3

Apprenticeship training. See also High School Apprenticeship Program

Earning potential

Jakob, 3

Economic impact

Bobbette, 4

Jakob, 2


Bobbette, 5

Gerrard, 5

Hiring incentives

Jakob, 3

Promotional advertising

Jakob, 2


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